1) Academic advisor. Save me, please. What am I doing this summer and how is it April yet I don’t have an internship lined up for this summer? Rather, why is it April and I’m in too much of a slump to apply for an internship, and have at least twenty bookmarked on my computer but shudder every time I go to apply for one?
2) The further I get into college, the more I fear law school. I don’t know what’s going to happen with my life after I graduate in two years. I’m not sure if I have the grades for law school, or if it’s even the right path for me. Maybe I want to get an MBA afterwards. Maybe I want to do a fellowship and work towards a PhD and be a professor. I know I want to pursue another higher degree after I’m done with my undergrad, I’m just not sure what to do. Or where.
c) Let’s say I do go to law school (if I’m fortunate enough to be accepted). Where do I want to study? That literally determines where I take my bar exam, and consequently, where I work in the future.
d) What if I’m just never going to get accepted into a postgraduate program whatsoever?

e) As a side note, I’m really digging Emory University’s law and MBA programs. And a cool fact is that in the case that I can’t decide (or rather, still want to have an MBA on hand in case the job market for lawyers is actually as screwed as it is now, by the time I graduate), they offer a joint MBA/JD program. In addition to which, taking the Bar Exam in Atlanta wouldn’t be bad. Living in Atlanta wouldn’t be bad. My dad’s friend’s son works as a huge litigation lawyer in Atlanta and he’s already said that whenever I need summer placement or an internship while in law school, or even a job after graduating, he’s willing to take me in. I want to get out of New England though. I need to get out of New England.


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